PSYZONE - B Lyrics Mimer

B Lyrics Mimer


B Lyrics Mimer

B Lyrics Mimer is used to enable the user to make synchronized lyrics   
B Lyrics Mimer benefits are:   

  1.  It uses the latest sound engine FMOD Sound System, copyright � Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2009.
  2. It allows the user to understand the song better and perform karaoke operations
  3. The user can minimize the application and carry on with other work And check out the lyrics whenever wanted By just hovering the mouse over the application icon in the taskbar
  4. The user can change the font face and size and color according to his/her tastes
  5. The lyrics will be highlighted on specific stressing words
  6. The user can play any portion of the song and expect the lyrics of that line to be displayed
  7. Provides a very simple Hassle-Free easy to use interface for making lyrics
  8. Also provides the user an option to display a translated version of the Line which is being played .

For Video Tutorials of the software  please view them over here Video Tutorials

Any Site Hosting the Application file please unhost so immediately as the project is archived