B Flash Finder

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B Flash Finder is a fast file searching program developed in nvidia's CUDA technology which can search for files in a drive instantly by harnessing the vast potential power of the graphic card B Flash Finder benefits are:-
  1. It uses the latest CUDA technology to deliver search results instantly
  2. It allows the user to search in the file name
  3. The user can find out all duplicate files on his/her hard drive by righth clicking on a search result and then clicking find duplicates,these can later on be furthur specified upon by the defualt options provided
  4. Provides a simple Hassle-Free easy to use and understand interface for searching files
The program only works on nvidia geforce 8 series or above who have latest drivers installed

For Video Tutorials of the software  please view them over here Video Tutorials
To download the Setup:- B Flash Finder setup.exe

Here is the link to the download.com page
Get it from CNET Download.com!