B Lyrics Mobile walkthrough

1 Install B Lyrics Mimer PC version to a windows PC and start it
2 Locate Lyrics Source
3 Copy and paste Lyrics onto notepad or use B Lyrics Mimer's (PC versions Advanced Lyrics editor ) and save the lyrics file with any name you like each lyric on a new line
4 Click on "Lyric maker" and click "open" in lyric maker and chose mp3 file to synch lyrics to.
5 Select the lyric file that was saved.Choose no if you dont have a trasnslated lyric file
6 Click on "Start Making" lyrics,playback will auto start.When each line has finished playing click on next line button
7 Note the files generated in the mp3 files location i.e <songname> .mp3-lyric.txt (or in case of translated version <songame> .mp3-Tlyric.txt)
8 Connect mobile in mass storage mode and copy both the song mp3 and the generated file to a folder on the mobile (NOTE:-Both song and lyric file should be in same folder and should not have their name changed)
9 Start B Lyrics Mimer on mobile and open mp3 file