B ExtraSensory

B ExtraSensory is a Symbian app for enabling user to discover and play with phones sensors that the user is not aware of on the device

B ExtraSensory help
  1. B ExtraSensory enables user to see realtime phone sensor data on the go
  2. Also one can use B ExtraSensory to monitor and perform exciting and thrilling experiments with phone sensor data
  3. B ExtraSensory supports readings  of Accelerometer(gravity meter),Light detector(Light level sensor),Compass,Proximity
Acceleromter uses
  1. One can use  the accelerometer function to see  how much pull of gravity is your device currently experiencing  
  2. e.g you can attach your cell to a car drive it and have someone else see the G Forces that you are currently experiencing
Light Detector uses
  1. One can use the light detector function to see what light level does your cell see (Readings are exactly as is that  the the device experiences)
  2. Known light levels are Light,dark, twilight,sunny
  3. One can check the light level of your reading lamp using this Function

  1. One can see actual readings of the proximity sensor that the sensor gives .
  1. A person can check readings taken from compass.