About The Project

I have tried to develop the following list of programs according to my knowledge of C#,Vb6 and vb.Net , Helpful Hints are welcome and so also the Criticism :)

Active Projects

1)B Flash Finder (Nvidia CUDA based File finder)

2)B Audio Walker(Windows phone 7)(Available on windows phone marketplace)

3)B Topsy Turner(Android,Windows phone 7)(Available on Android) Archived on Windows phone

4)B Counter(Android)(Available on Android)

5)Hackster IO for My IOT Projects (Hackster IO)

Archived projects

6)B Lyrics Mimer (An Easy To Use Lyrics Synchronizer)

7)B Lyrics Mimer Mobile (Description,Help, Walk through)

8)B Time Keeper (Symbian)(Available on Opera Store)

9)B Medicine Stamper(Symbian)(Available on Opera Store)

10)B ExtraSensory(Symbian,Windows phone 7)(Available on Opera Store)

11)B TouchTimer(N9)(Was available on OVI Store)

12)B Anglemeter(Windows phone 7)

13)B Percent(Windows phone 7)


For Video Tutorials of the software  please view them over here Video Tutorials

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